Unusual noise curves on 14-28Mhz bands

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Unusual noise curves on 14-28Mhz bands

In Europe again a day with full of Es-propagation... that would have been a day to spot VHF-WSPR stations, as the Es was hammering far in the VHF-region.
At the same time I find the noise graphs on the high bands 14-28MHz very unusual - look at the strange, increased noise curves, as the stations  500km from here reach S9++ in Summer Es...

But we also had the first M-flares of the new sun-circle - do we have some special noise due to the flares or is it purely due to Es propagation
Could not see such Noise-graphs on Holgers Set-up (OE9GHV), however I am sure, my graphs are not because of increased or changing man-made noise.
Look to the graphs of my low high-angle dipole (NVIS):
Haven't seen such broadband up and down of noise level of that magnitude before...

Ulli, ON5KQ

P.S.: the 2x60m graphs spikes are due to maintainance work with this antenna. It is now a low V-shaped dipole (50deg)towards Northwest, but only 6m high at highest point...