Funcube Dongle Pro+ as a audio input for WD...

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Funcube Dongle Pro+ as a audio input for WD...

Hi Rob, hi WD-users,
Is there a realistic chance to include just one WSPR-band with the audio output from the funcube-dongle-pro+ into WSPRdaemon ?

there seem to be drivers for SoapySDR
Also I have already used GQRX with the FCD on my Ubuntu 18.04 system

However, do I really need to install SoapySDR - all of this ?  :

...and then do all of this:

I am afraid to blow-up my system, if this doesn't work...

How do I route the audio output then from the FCD to WD ?
For example running GQRX (in Ubuntu it works already) the socalled 'default' soundcard is used for output from the FCDpro+. However, I do not see anything happen, when I define that audio output in the conf. file in WD to be further processed...

May be I totally misunderstand the concept here with audio-inputs for WD...

What to do ?

I really don't want to buy a kiwi, just for a single frequency (one band) for some tests with a tes-antenna to add to my wsprdeamon system, when I have a dongle here in my hand... Any support appreciated...

Ulli, ON5KQ
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Re: Funcube Dongle Pro+ as a audio input for WD...

Hi Ulli,

WD includes SW which uses the 'rx_fm' command which uses SoapyAPIs to talk with RTLs and any other device which supports Soapy clients.
However I have not yet debugged the use of rx_fm.
Now that 2.9 seems fully debugged, I will start this week on debugging this feature.
I am eager to see this working, since it will allow WD to work on the VHF/UHF bands and also allow MERGed receivers to compare the WSPR decoding performance of two or more different SDRs which are fed the same RF.
I have an SDRPlay, RTL-SDR, and Red Pitya and intend to get WD to access all of those.  I would expect your FunCube to also work once those three are tested.

So please give me a few days to recover from the push to finish v2.9 and I will inform you and others of my progress on V3.0 which will be the enhanced WD version which can use many SDRs as the source of WSPR signals.