DDK9 in Northern Germany as reception indicator

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DDK9 in Northern Germany as reception indicator

The official German Weather Station DDK9 transmits in FSK on 10100,8kHz just at the edge of the 30m band. Especially for receivers outside of Europe it can be a nice indicator, how well you can hear Europe, even wiyj very bad ionospheric propagations, as the commercial station is rather strong.
The kiwi can even decode it and it is also listed in the drop down of the wx-stations-menu of its FSK decoder.

Detailed information you can find also on wikipedia including foto's of the site and antenna's
You may also search the internet for DDK9
The following link contains a good picture of the antennas, although it is in German:

The large 2 towers are 99m high and hold the T-Antenna for 147kHz Navtex transmitter
The smaller towers hold broadband monopoles and are also used for DDK9 on 10100.8kHz
DDK9 in the 30m band uses 20kW
They also have a very large rotatable LogPeriodic beam, as can be seen on pictures at Google maps...

The exact location is west of Hamburg international airport close to the town of Pinneberg.